Thursday, 25 September 2008

Borag Thungg, Earthlets! Translation for non 2000ad readers: HI, THERE!

It's one small blog for a man (me), one giant leap for BLOGKIND! Well, maybe not, but I'm kinda chuffed that I've at last figured out how to post things up onto this site . It certainly took long enough. But for the higher functioning dimwit that I am, hey, the boy did good!
Okay, why have I started this Blog? A damn fine question. Two reasons. The first one is to simply post up a few of my sketches, preliminary drawings and finished pieces of artwork that relate to my long association with the British sci/fi comic 2000AD. So expect to see a series of pictures of Judge Dredd looking mean and pointing his gun out at YOU! Well, it won't just be pictures of Dredd. Stay tuned. And the other reason?'s doin' blogs these days, right? Yep, I'm that Shallow.

The first piece of Dredd art to be posted on this site is the 2000ad cover at the top of this page (minus the logo). I drew it a few months back. I wasn't too keen on it back then, but it's grown on me.


Kevin Levell said...

Welcome to blogsphere Cliff, nice to have you aboard!

Graeme Neil Reid said...

Hi Cliff, excellent a place to come and see your work on the web. I might be looking in all the wrong places but you've never seemed to have given interviews or talked overly about your work so its great your doing a Blog.

Your definitely one of the under-sung British comic artists around. Have you or do you ever want to do work for the mainstream US market or does the UK or European market hold more of an appeal for you?


Cliff Robinson said...

Thanks, Kevin. Good luck with the Dredd Samples. Loved the 'Crash' cover.

Cliff Robinson said...

You're right, Graeme, I do tend to shy away from interviews. Not too sure why. I'm a kinda private guy I guess and for that reason I'll be using this blog mainly as an online portfolio and I'll keep any text to a minimum ( unless I've had a few glasses of wine, in which case all hell may break loose) Thanks for your comments.

Dylan said...

can't wait to see some sketches Cliff. Are you going to do some step by steps of your covers and strip pages too?

Jim Boswell said...

Hi Cliff! Great to see you in Blogdom, hope we can see some of your pencils and your art process. I'll definitely be checking back regularly!

All the best, Jim Boswell

Cliff Robinson said...

Thanks, Dylan and Jim. I'll try to post something up soon. Cheers.

Lee said...

Hi Cliff, Great news that you have a Blog, welcome! followed your'e work from way back, looking forward to seeing more! 

Sophie Wells said...

Hi Cliff!

I'm a huge fan of your work and can't wait to see what you'll be treating us to on this blog!

Good luck!

Pete Wells said...

Sorry Cliff,

The above ppost was from me, Pete Wells, and not Sophie, my five week old daughter.

Heh, I'm just getting used to this blogging lark too!

Cliff Robinson said...

Thanks, Lee, Pete and Sophie (my youngest fan!) I've just posted up some cover roughs I did a while back for prog 1194. Thanks for your kind comments. Cheers.

Dreddhead said...

Good luck with the blog Cliff! I've been a huge fan of your work for many years and one of my treasured items is a sketch of Dredd you did for me at the 2000ad 25th birthday bash.
Special mention to your exception work in the latest 2000ad Prog(1608). I love your cover work, but had missed your strip work of late, particularly on Dredd.
Hope to see you on Dredd more regularly. All the best!

Stephen Reid said...

I've always loved your artwork. I'm so glad you decided to do a blog!

Keep up the excellent work.

A fan.

D.TAYLOR said...

Congratulations on your fine, and at long last blog Cliff! Really looking forward to seeing your posts...I'll definitely be popping in regularly.

John M. Gilheany said...

This has gotta be the blogsphere discovery of 2009 - even if it is still January!

I drifted away from 2000ad in the late '80's because I just had too many comics and prefer to savour those in my collection.

About the only regret with such a strategy is that your stuff these days, Cliff, (and please don't get me wrong!)has a certain Bollandy level of skill rather than just that experimental veneer which seemed to be your approach in the '80's.

(I'm no art critic, as you'll gather)

It's always great to gawp at those covers in WHS though even if the contents seem to make me put my cash back in my pocket.

That cover with Judge DeMarco sticks in my mind and oddly enough; not because she was half-starkers but because her jacket was so visually informative...


All the best,