Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Death and decay at the Wells block

Another commission for Pete Wells. Click on Pete's name to see the first commission along with the preliminary designs & sketches.


Wiggz said...

Beautiful work as always.
The detail is gorgeous.


Cliff Robinson said...

Thanks, Wiggz.

Anonymous said...

Great job Cliff. It's fantastic to see any commissions you post

Mark Montague said...

Great blog Chris. Lots of quality work here.

Could you pop over to my blog and just give me a few pointers on where I am going wrong.

I have been struggling to try and make a living out of my art for 26 years, and still haven't managed to get anywhere.

Ignore my profile, I made that stuff up to garner some interest in my work.

I was told to be flexible in my work, so I am able to do a variety of different styles, but so far I still haven't been successful in finding any work.


suni said...

Really nice composition and great rendering! By the way have you attended the Big Apple con Cliff?

Cliff Robinson said...

Thanks, Anon.
Mark, I can't imagine why you haven't been able to find work as an illustrator for the past 26 years!!!! The artwork on your blog is all top-drawer as far as I can tell. Your posts 'Heads Up', 'Ball Control' and 'Wonder Woman' are great. BTW, I'm 'Cliff' not 'Chris'. Good luck, Martin. I'll add a link to your blog.

Hi, Suni.
Many thanks. I haven't attended cons for many years. I'm a bit of a recluse really. I have very long curling finger nails, white hair down to my knees and I eat cold baked beans straight from the tin. I also have 40 cats which I allow to mess anywhere they want. If you're ever in this neck of the woods, drop in and say 'hi'.
I've been enjoying your painting and drawing skills over on your blog. You're improving so damn quickly. You obviously have a passion for your art. Take care.

david benzal said...

amazing drawings very impresive Dred!!

I like your drawing technic!

Joe Slucher said...

For me the glove coming off is that extra little bit that really makes this an awesome piece.

Cliff Robinson said...

Thanks, David, glad you like the pic.
Hi, Joe. I made a silly error with the male corpse on the left of the picture. What is he meant to be leaning against? If he's leaning against the doorway then that would mean the nearby bush pot would have to be a flat cardboard cut out. Not sure if I explained that well. Can you see what I'm getting at? It's a very embarrassing gaff. In fact, now I look at the picture again, I can see that the whole perspective of it is rather questionable...sigh.