Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Couch Potatoes: The Return

Well, they returned a few weeks back now, but due to my tardy nature I'm only now posting about it.

was a two part Dredd story written by Gordon Rennie and featured those lovable potato men (or women. It's so hard to tell). These odd characters first appeared in 2000ad way back, well it was a long time ago for sure. Maybe someone can tell me in 'comments'?

My preliminary sketches for the cover can be seen over on Pete Wells' blog
. Special mention for Dylan Teague who did a fantastic job on colouring this cover as well as the strip. Thanks, Dylan.

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Wiggz said...

The detail on these are amazing!
For readers / lurkers of this blog - As Cliff said, check out Pete wells uncovered Blog for more Cliff goodness and if you want to see some more of Cliffs outstanding interior pages pick up the progs.The amount of detail and design he puts into each panel and background is just superb.

thanx for posting Cliff!