Friday, 10 August 2012

Judge Dredd cover sale

 Here's a piece of work I'm offering up for sale. It's the original black & white line art (left image) featuring Judge Dredd which I drew for issue (Prog) 1333 of 2000ad.  I've recently found the preliminary sketches I produced for the cover, so they'll also be included in the sale.
The artwork is A3 size (420 x 297 mm) and was drawn on Daler/Rowney cartridge paper with Rotring technical pens filled with black FW Acrylic Ink.
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1 comment:

paul rose said...

Hiya Cliff:
Again l find myself savouring your utterly mind-boggingly detailed and moody fun artwork.

Seeing what you are capable of makes me want to stop trying to get into comics.

l love how you do the Judge's...the naughty one's that is...Fear,Death etc: they have never been bettered and until a comic artist who can hold a flame to you...never will!

l have been a very naughty boy Cliff and have swiped the left hand of Judge Death from one of your masterpieces on a ink drawing of the Deathly dude l am working on at the moment.

l look at your work and think "How on Earth doe's he do it? all that time that you must spend per piece and the loving detail and deeling you put into your work.

l am no nipper Cliff as l am a child of the 50's brought up on Johnnie Ray, Wally Wood and Muffin the l have come across some great artist's and l never thought l would chance upon an artist who would place Wally in position # 2.

Keep drawing Cliff.