Thursday, 4 December 2008

Cover me, Dredd!

In my first post I did say that you could expect to see a series of pictures featuring Judge Dredd looking mean and pointing his gun out at YOU! So, true to my word, here are a series of pictures featuring Judge Dredd looking mean and pointing his gun out at YOU. God's trousers!

Each of these pictures have adorned the covers of 2000AD. Check out the Cover Zone link on the right to see the published covers gloriously coloured by the maestro of the digital crayon, Chris Blythe.

I'll post up the preliminary sketches for these pictures as soon as I can find them. I'm sure I came across them a few months back...


Stephen Reid said...

Absolutely love your work!
You inspire me!

Pete Wells said...

Jaw-droppingly stunning, wow!

D.TAYLOR said...

Stunning work sir. I love your clarity of design.

kek-w said...


Lee Townsend said...

Excellent work!how long would a cover like this take you to do Cliff?

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Love your work Cliff !!!

Wiggz said...

Hello Cliff,
Thanx for taking the time to set up a blog for your work.Its really nice to see your preliminary sketchwork and also at a good resolution too!Been a fan for a long, long while now due to Bollandesque style linework of your art so its really nice to see it being shown at last.Heres hoping you can dig out some of your older sketch,strip and cover pieces.

Is there any chance of seeing your cover to prog 547 with Chopper surfing over the walls of megacity in hi-res at all?

also more sketchwork and black and white cover art.(as you've started doing)

the 2000AD crew should really do a sketchbook/portfolio book.

thanx again - take care,


dribbs said...

Crackin' images, Cliff. You draw a Dredd that means business!