Saturday, 14 February 2009

Dredd vs. Judge Death

It's been while since I posted anything new, so apologies for that. Here's a commission piece I recently finished for Mr. Pete Wells.


Pete Wells said...

And Mr Pete Wells is absolutely ecstatic about it!

Thanks a million Cliff!

Lee Townsend said...

Fantastic work Cliff! how long would a piece like this take you to do?

Reuben said...

Mr Pete Wells is a very lucky man.

Sharp Brothers said...

Could do with a little more detail - I think you left a 5mm spot in the corner :-) Awesome work what a treat for Mr Wells.

joe bloke said...


Kevin Levell said...

Yeah, caught this on the 2000AD forum.

I'll echo what Rufus Dayglo said there - this would make a stonking cover to a collected volume.

Very, very nice touches in this piece and lovely composition.

Steve Denton said...

So good I just fell off my chair!

jock said...

and bloody great it is too... big fan of your work cliff!

all the best


Cliff Robinson said...

Glad you liked the picture, Pete. As you may remember, I wasn't too keen on my original thumbnail sketch, but it turned out okay in the end. I'll post up that sketch on the blog and then send it on to you as soon as I can find it.

Lee- I don't really know how long it took as I was working on two other jobs that had deadlines, so the Dredd vs, Death pic had to be put on the back burner on a few occasions.

Thanks, Reuben. Glad you think so.

Sharp Brothers - Damn it, did I? WHICH CORNER? (pebbles of sweat have now appeared on my forehead)

Joe Bloke - Thanks!

Kevin - Yeah, it was kind of Rufuzz to suggest that. I'd love to see it in print, but I don't think it will happen. Thanks for the compliment.

Steve - Please, please don't sue me.

Jock - Cheers, likewise. I Enjoyed your Sidebar interview (assuming of course that you are THAT Jock? Apologies, Sir, if I've got that wrong.)Either way, many thanks.

Thanks to all who took the time to post up a comment. Cheers, Cliff Hangers!!

jamie said...

brian who...?
i really do think you are the best dredd artist working these days.
if they don't get you working pre-production on that new dredd film,it'll be a drokkin' shame,so to speak.
how cool would your dredd costume look rendered in real life?

Pete Wells said...

Hey Jamie, I aways thought that Dredd costume from those photo covers of yesteryear were based on Cliff's version - the belt buckle, badge and eagle are definately Cliffs. See here:

Andrew Glazebrook said...

C O S M I C !!!!!!

jon haward said...

brilliant piece of work

Simon Fraser said...

That is a pretty damned stunning bit of art right there.

paul rose said...

l adore the artwork of Brian Bolland on those nasty Judge's..but your version blow's me away.
Such beautiful detail...absolutely Fantastic and l rather like it too.
Keep drawing Cliff.

Cliff Robinson said...

Hey Paul, many thanks for the compliment :)

paul rose said...

Hiya Mr Cliff.
What are you working on at the moment?
Have you ever done any work for the American market?

l look at my very limited collection that l have of your work on nearly a daily basis Cliff..always something fresh to see...staggering detail...l am a detail freak!! and l used to use Rotrings too...might go back to them...using a mixture of drawing pen's at ther moment-Eddings-Uni Pin (Uni's are OK but run out quickly but you get what you pay for as they are dead cheap! and my favourite Zig's.

l use Canson Bristol 250 g/m..but l am in the market for any paper that is better...what do you use Cliff?

l use a fairly soft rubber but it annoy's me to hell with no matter how softly l use it it can still remove some of the inking! any help Cliff great appreciated!!

Just finished doing a A3 B/W drawing of that cheeky little scamp-Judge Death...took it down to my local art supply shop and had some copies knocked off on a pretty top notch photo copier...brought them home and have put in some grey wash on one of them...l am no colourist but might have a even so l might have a crack at a bit of prettie's on one.

My picture has JD lobbing out with a left hander....but what make's this a tad worrying is the fact that this left hander has released a most unstable WW2 mills bomb.
No one it seem's wants to play catch with Judgy!

Realise you are a very busy chap Cliff...but if you do get a spare micro-sec l'd love to hear from you.

Keep drawing and take it EC.