Thursday, 25 September 2008

Borag Thungg, Earthlets! Translation for non 2000ad readers: HI, THERE!

It's one small blog for a man (me), one giant leap for BLOGKIND! Well, maybe not, but I'm kinda chuffed that I've at last figured out how to post things up onto this site . It certainly took long enough. But for the higher functioning dimwit that I am, hey, the boy did good!
Okay, why have I started this Blog? A damn fine question. Two reasons. The first one is to simply post up a few of my sketches, preliminary drawings and finished pieces of artwork that relate to my long association with the British sci/fi comic 2000AD. So expect to see a series of pictures of Judge Dredd looking mean and pointing his gun out at YOU! Well, it won't just be pictures of Dredd. Stay tuned. And the other reason?'s doin' blogs these days, right? Yep, I'm that Shallow.

The first piece of Dredd art to be posted on this site is the 2000ad cover at the top of this page (minus the logo). I drew it a few months back. I wasn't too keen on it back then, but it's grown on me.