Saturday, 28 February 2009

The comments dated 28/02/09 refer to the above post. Cheers, Cliff.


Lee Townsend said...

Very nice inks Cliff! and it is really interesting to see the rough layout through to the finshed inks.
I have also had the pleasure to ink Mike Collins on a couple of things.
The inks work really well as you have added your style, but not overpowering what Mike has done, great stuff.
Looking forward to seeing the next work you have done with Mike.

Pete Wells said...

Fantastic stuff. It's always fascinating to see how the art 'grows'. As Lee said, it's great that we can see both artist's styles there, it's a marriage made in heaven!

Cliff Robinson said...

Lee - Cheers for that. I love Mike's pencils. His looser style gives a chance for the inker to contribute a bit more and as a consequence it becomes a more collaborative experience.
I just checked out your Inking blog, Lee, and saw a that photo you have of (Sable?) brushes. I was going to buy a Sable #3 last year until I saw it was £25!!! They were about £7 when I last bought one! I'll stick to my trusty Rapidographs until I win the lottery. Nice pages of inks, Lee.

Thanks, Pete. Mike and I have another Dredd strip in this months Megazine (#282).